When does 4 = 12?

Four equals twelve when you condense four years worth of work into twelve pages, which is basically what I have done in my most recent publication.  Just over a year removed from Ithaca and Cornell, I have finally published the last major chapter of my thesis.

We officially published in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology on March 2, 2011, but the final formatted edition didn’t go live until today.  Click here to download the PDF. I printed and flipped through a hard copy of the paper immediately after receiving the good news from the publisher – and it is quite satisfying to see my work in that format.  After countless drafts, I’m relieved to not have to read it anymore, so if you actually read through it, please don’t tell me if you see a typo or error unless it is major.

Even though I still keep in contact with my old lab to find out all the newest gossip and still have my pubmed and google alerts for the subjects of my thesis, in a way I feel like this is final closure on my graduate school career.  It is sort of funny actually, because you might think that I would feel that way after handing in my thesis (and I did a little) but getting this chapter into publication still lingered in my mind and is now a nice weight off my shoulders.  Even though it is just me and my advisor Dan on this paper, it wouldn’t be possible without the help and influence of my labmates, so thank you to any Barbash lab members that might read this.  Of course I have to thank Dan for his support and Chelsea for her help and support throughout it all.

Enough already, just enjoy reading everything you wanted to know about the gene Lethal hybrid rescue, and its role in incompatibilities between two species of fruit fly.

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