We were rocked

This past weekend Chelsea and I had a first for our relationship, we went to our first musical together.  At the suggestion of our friend Nikki, a group of us headed in to London to catch the musical “We Will Rock You”.  As you may have guessed by the name, this is the show celebrating the hits of the musical group Queen, and was also co-written by Ben Elton.  Not normally fans of musicals, we were talked into a night in the city by Nikki, who has seen the show several times, including in two different countries.

Hidden behind the darkness and rain in the picture above is a giant statue of Freddie Mercury on top of the theatre entrance.  The show was at the Dominion Theatre, which actually reminded us quite a bit of the State Theatre in Ithaca.

Not really a bad seat in the place, especially considering that we were in one of the last five rows.  The show seemed to be sold out, or at least the lower level was packed full, which is pretty amazing considering it has been running for nine years, and sometimes they perform up to three times a day.

The story was pretty simple.  Sometime in the future society is ruled by the Killer Queen and her government of loyal cronies whose goal is to eradicate all forms of “real” music.  The only thing the world is left with are over synthesized auto-tuned tracks born out of TV shows like X-factor and artists like Lady GaGa.  The story follows to rebels on their quest to save music from the oppressive Globalcorp.

There were many pop culture references in the show, as well as plenty of adult humor.  Yeah the storyline was lame, and the dialogue was downright cheezy in some parts (one of the characters is Scaramouche, and she is asked to do the fandango), but the music and light show were fantastic.  The band was tucked away in the wings, but sounded great, and each of the singers impressed us with their versions of the classic songs.

The best parts of the show however were last.  I was completely in awe at the end when they finally got around to We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions.  I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an idle body in the crowd during the signature stomp-stomp-clap, stomp-stomp-clap of We Will Rock You.  It was amazing to see the performers feed off the crowd, and everyone really get into the show.  Chelsea’s favorite part was the encore performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.  She said it was like nothing she had really seen before, and only a group like we saw could really do that song justice.

To put it another way: two people who don’t like musicals, and a third person who doesn’t like musicals OR Queen all had a fantastic time and were thoroughly entertained.  We were definitely rocked.

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