That was a Super Bowl

Did you watch the Super Bowl this year?  We certainly did.  Oh yes, we were more than ready for the kickoff at 11:30 pm, and stayed up right through the end around 3:30am.  Was it worth it?  Yeah, it probably was.  But then again, this is coming from a guy who watched pirated streams of the lowly Lions on Sundays this fall, and paid enough attention to the NFL to win one league of dorks fantasy league and almost win another.  So yes, sleep was probably going to go right out the window for the last football game of the year, the American institution that is the Super Bowl.

Luckily for us, the BBC partnered with FOX to bring us the game live on BBC ONE, which meant that I could get it with my freeview receiver that plugs into my computer, or just watch the high quality stream online.  Done and done.  It turns out with the nasty weather that the online stream was the more reliable option, and the quality was pretty good too.

I know you probably can’t appreciate the quality based on this picture, but everything was crisp, clean and didn’t skip a beat.  THANK YOU BBC.  I find it amazing that not only does the internet make it easy to be in communication with everyone back home, but it really makes it so I don’t miss much of anything.  Did they have a streaming version for people that don’t have digital cable back in the USA?

Well, I almost didn’t miss anything.  During the game, whenever they would switch to a commercial break, we would get the following:

That would be former NFL star Tiki Barber, some American journalist that I don’t know, and a British guy that I am convinced was mispronouncing the players names on purpose and may have been drinking.  These guys would talk about he previous couple of plays for however long the commercials ran for.  So yes, we missed the very commercials that cost upwards of $3 Million per 30 seconds that every non-football fan tunes in for.  Except, we didn’t really miss those either.

Again, thanks to the internet, Twitter, and YouTube, I could actually see most of the best commercials almost minutes after they aired live.  Like this chilling ad from Chrysler for example:

All of my Facebook friends liked it, it became a trending topic on Twitter, and then Eminem passed on a link – all within a few minutes.

So thanks to the power of the internet we were able to watch the game, and I was able to chat with friends and check the nation’s pulse on the game/commercials in real-time (Chels had fallen asleep by then).  The entire process was not anything like what I anticipated, and turned out to be a lot of fun for me being stuck alone at 3am in a foreign country.  AND the game turned out to be pretty entertaining.  So yeah, it definitely lived up to its name.

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