An Anecdotal Oxford Pub Guide

If you couldn’t tell from any of our previous posts, Chelsea and I really like the pubs over here in the UK.  Luckily for us, Oxford has A LOT of them.  Of course we had to make it to the most famous ones, but after that we weren’t really sure which ones to try and visit.  Then we got the idea, why not try to visit all of them?

A little while back we picked up the poster pictured above to help us keep track of the pubs we visited.  Some artist has taken the time to draw reasonable cartoon representations of many of the pubs here in Oxford, and our plan is to color them is as we visit them.  A quick glance at the poster and you might think that we haven’t been to very many.  If you care to count, we have actually already been to 33 pubs on this map, which means we are just over halfway done.

The rules for our visits are pretty simple: it doesn’t count as a visit unless we are both there at the same time, and we both have to order something to drink (preferably at least one beer).  We usually coordinate a visit with mealtime, so that we can sample the pub grub as well, to get a better idea of the place.  In fact, we have only had one night where we went on a crawl to more than two pubs.

If you notice the navigation bar in the main banner and in the “Pages” section on the right, we have a new section of the website called PUB GUIDE.  This section contains our opinions of each of the pubs on the “definitive” map.  At the rate we are going, we should have the map completed in another year, and will hopefully have some favorites as well.  Have a quick read through the list and see if there are any you would like to go to when you come visit us!

2 thoughts on “An Anecdotal Oxford Pub Guide”

  1. I can’t wait to try some of the pubs on your list. I remember going to some of them before. I definitely remember how skinny The Grapes is. Is The Old Tom near Christ Church and Tom Tower?

  2. I am looking forward to having a pint or two in four of five of these establishments. A Ploughmans’s, some cottage pue and Steak & Kidney.

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