Goals for 2011

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and has started 2011 out the right way.  This past year was certainly a busy one for both Chelsea and me, and as we look back it seems like so much managed to happen in just 365 days.  Amidst turning our lives upside down and moving to a new country, we had all kinds of new experiences, and so much to look back fondly on.  That isn’t to say that 2010 wasn’t without difficult times, we certainly had a few rough patches, but I would prefer to focus on the positive.

Speaking of which, I bring up the classic tradition of declaring a New Years Resolution.  Normally thought of as a commitment to change  for the betterment of one self, I list below our goals for 2011.


1.  Save money

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that this goal may make it into most of the populations resolutions from year to year, but I think this year I will make a major effort to save money.  England is an expensive place to live, and we had a rough year last year in the savings department.

2. Learn a new language

It seems like everyone we meet here or in whatever country we travel to speaks English and at least one other language.  Most people from non-English speaking countries speak their native language, English, and possibly another language as well.  This fact has us both jealous of others, and we have decided to try and learn at least one new language this year.  We are already on our way with a little help from Rosetta Stone.

3. Visit four new countries

Last year we made it to six new countries, and I would like to make it to at least four others this year.  This goal might seem to go directly against goal #1, but I think we can plan our trips economically.  After all, Easyjet flies to all sorts of places on the cheap.

4.  Come home earlier

This year I would like to make an effort to leave work earlier and come home to spend time with the wife and cat.  I suppose this is as easy as becoming more efficient at work, or just going in earlier.  Either way, it would be nice to be able to come home, help make the kitchen a mess, enjoy a nice meal and relax in the evening with my loved ones.


1.  Go to bed earlier

2.  Apprender espanol

3.  Become a master salsa dancer

I think six different goals is enough.  Especially because each of my goals indirectly (or directly) becomes one of Chelsea’s goals, and vice-versa.  Wish us luck in attaining our goals for 2011, we certainly wish you the best for the new year.

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