Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful alright.  Chelsea and I woke up yesterday morning to be greeted by something we haven’t yet seen here in Oxford, serious snowfall.  Here is a look through one of our windows around 10am.  Not much hope for anything to be running or functional in town today, they just don’t know what to do with the snow.

Although to their credit, the tracks in the snow in the picture above show people tried to venture out, and the Royal Mail man made an appearance.

Here is a quick picture of our backyard patio set also early in the morning.  We didn’t know it snowed like this here in Oxford, and were getting flashbacks to Ithaca and Michigan.

And Gato being the curious little animal that he is, had to come check it out.  He spent plenty of time considering going out into the snow, but in the end decided that it was probably too cold outside to waste his time.

So I decided to pick him up and place him down on the snow to see what happened.  Well, as I think you can see above, he didn’t make it very far, and actually ran right back inside and shook the snow off his paws.  We finally found something he doesn’t like.

Here is the top of our table again at the end of the day.  It actually stopped snowing mid-day, but we wondered how much would accumulate.  That is a pretty good haul overnight for this part of the country.  Now our only concern is how the country will handle it.  We stayed home all day yesterday figuring that nothing was open or running in town, but I’m hoping everyone can get their act together by Monday.  We have a lot of stuff planned this week, including a trip to the airport!

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