Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios is a famous and still functional music studio that is located in London, appropriately located on Abbey Road.  Many famous groups such as Pink Floyd have recorded at Abbey Road Studios, and the sound engineers there are known for pioneering work on sound recording and production.  But of all the artists to make it through the doors of this studio, The Beatles are probably best associated with the name.

Abbey Road is the name of the eleventh and best-selling Beatles studio album, #14 on Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time.  Abbey Road Studios is where The Beatles recorded 90% of their music, and the studio was actually named after the album.

I know the picture is a little dark, but please bear with  me.  Above is Abbey Road Studios.  The building actually wasn’t very impressive from the outside, except for the many cameras they had mounted around.  I read somewhere that they used to give tours of the different recording rooms, but we went late in the day on Sunday, so there was no way this place was open.  One really cool part of the place was the big white wall in front.  Apparently fans from around the world stop here to show their appreciation by writing on the wall, and they repaint it every month.

Chelsea and I are both big fans of The Beatles, so while on a trip to London this past weekend, we figured it would be fun to head up to Abbey Road and check out the famous zebra crossing.  It turns out that the studio hosts a live webcam, records 24 hours worth of content, and hosts the archived content in one hour blocks.  Click here to check out the footage (unless it is really dark out).  I managed to capture a screenshot of the two of us crossing that same famous part of the road.

I knew it it would be neat to visit Abbey Road, but I was really surprised how much fun I had visiting something as simple as a crosswalk in London.  We weren’t the only ones there either, even as it was getting dark on a Sunday evening there were plenty of fans making the same trip. It is an easy trip to make, and one worth doing if you are a fan of The Beatles.  Come visit and we’ll take you there!

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