Who do you pray to? The Church of Apple?

Just a quick one while I work on some more serious stuff. I headed to twitter to have a look at the general public’s 140 character opinion of the new facebook mail/messanging, when I also saw that iTunes Announcement was a trending topic.

For those not entirely familiar with Twitter (including me), the software can keep track of topics or key words depending on if you give it a tag like #ideas. If a million people started using the tag #ideas, then it might be a trending topic.

I clicked on #iTunes and saw that Steve Jobs himself had said it was going to be bigger than Apple finally adding The Beatles to the collection. Then I realized that Steve Jobs is on Twitter (maybe) so I clicked his name to follow him, and Twitter gave me a suggestion that made me almost choke on my tea:

I know people can be die-hard Apple fans, but wow.  Apparently el Jobso did invent the #Jesusphone.

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