All you need is love

I have many topics to blog about in the coming weeks, but the first I wanted to tell the world about is one of the best “firsts” you can have: our first anniversary.

Just over a year ago, Chelsea and I got married on a magical night in Falmouth, MA.  I say magical because the clouds parted and we had an absolutely perfect day as far as the weather was concerned.  Leading up to our anniversary, we finally got to sit down and go through the 800+ pictures our photographer took.  We had skimmed them before, but it was a lot of fun to go back and laugh together at how much fun we had that night.  We also want to say THANK YOU again to all our friends and family that made the trip out to the Cape to celebrate with us.  It really was everyone else that made it such a good party.

As for our actual anniversary, we didn’t do very much.  To put this decision in context, in the 365 days following August 14, 2009 Chelsea and I have been through quite a bit.  Together in no particular order, we sold a house and all of the contents in it, moved four times, traveled at least 18,000 miles, visited five countries, worked tirelessly at new jobs and began our life in another country.  Of all the things we deserved on our first anniversary together, a nice day off was on top of the list.

We had a very lazy day, topped off with a nice dinner at one of Raymond Blanc’s restaurants and a movie here at home.  The first anniversary is the “paper” one, but we aren’t into big gifts, and couldn’t really think of anything to get each other since neither of us wanted stationary.  We weren’t without any tradition though, when we got back from dinner we had a celebratory semi-surprise waiting.

Moet and Chandon Imperial champagne, raspberries and chocolate.  We enjoyed these three items on the night morning we were engaged, on the night following our wedding, and now on our first anniversary.  Although it might not seem like much to drink a cheap champagne together, it means something to us, and that is all that matters.

I know deep down that all the crazy things we have been through together have only made us stronger.  After a fast and furious first year of marriage, I am happy to say that whatever the future brings, I’ll be just fine as long as I have Chelsea.  I guess the Beatles were right.

Happy Anniversary again Chels, I love you.

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