Dublin, Ireland

Well I’m about a month or so behind on posting, but I figured I should put up at least one post about our trip to Dublin, before sharing our most recent adventures.

Our trip to the capital city of Ireland started as a birthday surprise to Chelsea.  Because of all the stress and trouble here in Oxford, I wanted to get Chels out of town for a few days to clear our minds and hopefully help her enjoy a birthday weekend.  She knew we were going out of town, but didn’t know the destination.  I tried my best to convince her that we were going to France, until one evening after a few pints, one of our friends asked her: “You are going to Dooooblin?” (try to say that with a French accent).  Well, she figured it out a few seconds later, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.

I created an online gallery through Google, that is complete with photo captions.  Click here to check it out.

Otherwise, here are a few other pictures that should summarize our trip.

And a trip to new city wouldn’t be complete without a panorama from a high vantage point.  Here are two, taken from the bar on top of the Guinness brewery (click to enlarge).

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