Our new apartment

After only 6 months of living here in Oxford, Chelsea and I have already moved to a new apartment.  This was partly due to our original lease only being for 9 months, and partly because we hated our old flat.  Check out this previous post for a reminder, but just know that I made it sound better in the video than it actually was.

We searched for new flats for about 2  months straight.  Scouring the letting agent sites, dailyinfo (craiglist), walking around looking for signs, etc.  The process of finding an affordable place with the specifications we wanted, within walking distance, and that allowed us to have a cat, was very difficult.  We even toyed with the idea of buying a place here because our search was so hard, and rent prices are so high.

In the end though, we managed to find a place that fit our needs perfectly:

And to think, that this new place is only 30 pounds more per month than our old flat is being advertised at!  I don’t need to sell you on any of the positive points our new flat has, the video should speak for itself.  We now live very close to city centre, within 5 minutes walk of both the bus and train stations, yet have plenty of peace and quiet.  Hopefully we’ll be here for a few years now that we have taken the time to find and furnish the place.  Please let us know if you need an updated address.

4 thoughts on “Our new apartment”

  1. Sorry I’ve been out of the loop with your website recently…the new place looks A-1. Hoping that we’ll visit it at some point in the near future.

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