A different 4th

The fourth of July might be one of my favorite holidays.  It usually involves friends, grilling of some sort, copious amounts of beer, and celebrating how awesome the United States of America is.

This year though, our 4th of July was a little different.  We are now living in the country that the USA fought for its independence from, so it was a little difficult to find people interested in our celebration.  We also noticed a lack of the FOURTH OF JULY sales and promotions.  We did meet up with some American friends though, and have a little get together.

Chelsea posing with Seriph.  She really misses having dogs, so she’s glad to have made a new friend for life.  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any good pictures of the rest of the group, but our friends Josh and Jenna played hosts, and two of their friends from home were also in town.

Here is Josh showing off the fireworks he managed to find.  I think he’s a little excited because he didn’t anticipate finding rockets of this caliber here.  He did tell a story of being called out for being American by the clerk at the store he got them at, but not much flak after that.

Toward the end of the night, we were getting excited to light our fireworks so we headed up the hill from Josh and Jenna’s place to a park.  They live in Botley, which is supposed to have some of the best views in Oxford.  Its no mountain, but I think I managed to capture a good picture on our way up.

As with all my new panoramas, click the image above to get a higher resolution version.

I also managed to piece together a video showing some of the highlights of our fireworks show:

We grilled some food, had some beers, listened to baseball on the (internet) radio, and launched some fireworks.  Actually, I guess that our 4th of July wasn’t that different after all.

One thought on “A different 4th”

  1. We’ve been on that hill in Botley a few times, too! You were there too, when you were about 12 or so. I think we have a few pictures overlooking the city from that viewpoint. It is very pretty. Back when we lived on Elms Rise, there were horses that were allowed to graze freely on the hill. Did you see any?

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