Moving house

Chelsea and I have relocated to a new apartment – or as they call it here – moved house.  We are still on contract at our old flat, but the housing search was difficult with location, price, and allowance of Gato, so we took one of the few places we found.  I’ll update more in the next few weeks.  We still have to get settled in, and our internet connection will take approximately 3 weeks to transfer over from our old flat.  Yeah I have no idea why either.

Unlike the flat we first lived in, our new place came completely unfurnished.  We were initially concerned about the price of buying everything we need to live with, but everything worked out for us for less than one months rent.  I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that it is way easier to furnish an apartment in a foreign country than it was probably not all that  long ago.  We found that the craigslist equivalents and internet searches were essential, and scored some really nice stuff at bargain prices.

Plus, we had to go to IKEA.  The picture above is the aftermath of our trip to beacon of Swedish efficiency.  Actually, our trip to IKEA wasn’t nearly as painful on the wallet as I had estimated, and we got to eat some Swedish meatballs as a bonus.

More to come later, hopefully a video tour.  I’ll leave you with Gato enjoying his new backyard.

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