Dyson airblade

Have you used one of these?

This is hands down (sorry) my favorite restroom hand dryer.  Apparently, they were announced back in 2006, but I didn’t see any in the USA.  Well, they are everywhere here, and they are amazing.  A jet of air shoots out of a 0.3mm gap at 400mph to create a “blade” of air, that really effectively dries your hands.

If I ever When I get laughable amounts of money, there are a few items that I would really like to buy.  The first is my own meat slicer and deli fridge, but the second might just have to be a Dyson airblade.  Hypothetically speaking, if you come visit me in my man-cave, wouldn’t you rather dry your hands in this thing than a measly hand towel?  I sure would.

One thought on “Dyson airblade”

  1. Haven’t seen any of those over here yet. I’d be kind of nervous sticking my hands into a dark chasm with the word “blade” on it. The bottom looks like it’s a collecting bin for severed appendages. Anyway…. the new thing here in the States from Dyson is the bladeless fan. They look cool, but in typical Dyson fashion, they are $300 for a 12″ fan.

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