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Let start this one off with a quick poll, I don’t actually expect that anyone would fall into only one category, but please select the one that you think mostly describes your habits:

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The methods to my music are a mix of all of the above, but I most often listen through my iPod.  Loyal readers of this site may remember that topics such as music delivery and my dependence on music are not new subjects.  I did however want to bring it up again because I may have found yet another new way to enjoy music – Spotify.

So what is Spotify?  Well, it is a new way to listen to music.  Click here to go to their website and read more about it. I first ready about Spotify on one of the many tech blogs that I frequent, and was thoroughly intrigued.  In short – it is a combination of many of the ways you may listen to music now.  The software looks eerily similar to Apple’s iTunes software in layout, but tries to do more than iTunes does.

First, this software is a way to play the music you already have on your computer.  The cool part is that it is also a streaming service of sorts, and plugged into social networks.  So instead of the 2,000 songs on your hard drive, you can listen to some 8 million songs they have on their servers.  The only catch is that you need an internet connection.  Its amazing.  I can search for (almost) any song that I can think of and then drag it to a playlist and play it.  The whole song.  Free.  I can then make all kinds of playlists of individual songs, or listen to full albums.

I can also share playlists, songs etc with other people and likewise, browse their interests.  AND if you have a strong interest in a song, there are options to purchase it.

Right now the only drawback is the price.  I happen to use the free service, but similar to services such as Pandora, I am limited to 20 hours per month.  There is an option to purchase a full featured version, complete with streaming to mobile devices like your Android phone, and some offline functions as well.  The price of the full featured version is a little too steep for me right now (~$22 per month), but if when it goes down, I might reconsider based on my usage.

This post may sound like a bit of a plug for this new service, but I am generally excited about the new opportunity – and you should be too.  The major problem for most of the readers of this site is that right now Spotify is limited to Europe.  Hopefully it makes its way over to the States, maybe around the time we make our way back there.  Until then, I’ll keep you posted.

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