Barcelona III: the ocean

We couldn’t travel to a southern city on the coast on our first holiday and not go to see the ocean right?  So we went toward the beach.  As you can see below, we weren’t the only ones with the same idea.

What do you think the giant piece of art above is supposed to represent?  If you said a whale you would be correct.  I viewed at this landmark from all sorts of angles, and this was the one that I thought made it most resemble a whale.  The whale and the towers behind it mark what was an Olympic site back in 1992.  Apparently the beach area was very industrial, but with the arrival of the Olympics came a ton of money and new buildings and now the area is mostly a tourist trap.

I took this awesome panorama from the top of a brand new “W” hotel at the end of the beach.  We talked our way up to a fancy Americanized bar on the 25th floor that held some spectacular views.  Click on the image to see a higher resolution version.

We stayed and watched the sunset up there in the fancy bar, as well as watched the beach scene come alive with lights.  It was pretty neat watching everything turn on.  Keeping in mind that this was taken during the weekend, which one of those towers at the far right do you think is office space and which is residential?

Nathalie also surprised us with the awesome news that in addition to our already amazing trip, that as one of our final activities we would be sailing along the coast.  Chelsea and I had never really been sailing, so we were really excited to try it out.  We went out as a 5 person crew, and navigated the beautiful weather and cold water for 3+ hours.  I was amazed at how a sailboat works in some serious wind.  Our captain was really good at explaining everything as we changed, and we all got to get our hands wet and move bits and pieces in order to move the boat around.  We even got that little boat going at a pretty decent clip, and it felt like we were one of those racing teams with our mast at 45 degrees from the water (it was probably more like 80).

I think everyone should be able to tell by the smile on Chelsea’s face that she definitely enjoyed the sailing adventure.  We both did.  In fact, I’d say that we both very much enjoyed our first visit to Barcelona as well.  Thanks again Natsy, we’ll have to come back soon!

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