100 pushups

Its no surprise to say that I have become some what of slob the past 2 years.  Although you probably couldn’t tell by first glance, I feel completely out of shape, and hence have become a slob.  I have used a variety of excuses to justify why I haven’t made working out a priority, such as: home remodeling, thesis writing, planning a wedding, more thesis writing, moving to a new country, starting a new job, blah, blah, blah.  But the truth is, I think I’ve just become lazy.

Probably every 6 months or so, I realize this fact, and try to get back on the workout train.  The only problem is we never continued our new workouts like P90X or running, and really only managed to come up with a new excuse for not working out.

Well, because there is only one big gym here in Oxford, and we can barely find the time to go anyway, I have decided to jump back on the bandwagon, but this time, I’ll start with the first step.

From what I have read, this site is dedicated to training your body to do 100 consecutive pushups.  I though this might be a fun goal to try and attain.  Plus, the workouts have to major convenience bonuses.  I only have to work out ~3 times per week, 5-10 minutes per day, which means I should definitely be able to find the time.  AND, there is no special equipment to buy, so its free.

I have started the routine, including the initial test to see how many I can do:  40.  I can only do 40 pushups in a row.  That may seem like a lot to some folks, but there was time when I could do close to 70, and Chelsea has been recorded at 97 during her gymnastics years, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.  Lets hope I stick with it.

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