This makes no cents

Not too long after we moved here, Chelsea got a bill from Cornell for something that should have been resolved back when she was still in Ithaca.  It was for $5.  Although that seems like a very small amount (less than a pint of beer!) she was a little annoyed.  I however, was amazed.  Closer inspection of the envelope they sent her bill in revealed what it cost the University to send that letter:

I playfully suggested to her that we should wait to pay that bill, and see how many letters Cornell would send at almost $1 per envelope.  Well, long story short, they sent five.  That means they spent $4.90 on postage to recover a $5 charge.  If you factor in the cost of paper, envelopes, and manpower to print and stuff said envelopes, it cost them well over $5. I feel like there needs to be a point where accounting should cut their losses and eat the charge.  Because even when they get our $5 they will have lost money, and that my friends, doesn’t make any sense.

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