One of our favourites

Chelsea and I each have a running list of “things I would like as a gift eventually”.  Unfortunately for me, this list has yet to be transcribed, so I often forget what it is she would like for a gift.  This problem is especially obvious when occasions such as birthdays, holidays, or special celebrations are approaching and I can never seem to think of a good gift.

As part of our new routine as employees and not graduate students, we have been trying to read a little bit before bed to take our mind away from the happenings of the day, and try to stir up some good dreams.  The only problem is, we had run out of books.  And by we I mean Chelsea, as she reads books at twice the clip that I do.

Anyway, last week I randomly remembered one of the items on her list, and managed to find it online, so I bought it.  Here are some clues:

My most recent purchase managed to kill three birds with one stone.  I wanted to congratulate Chelsea on the acceptance of her most recent paper (definite kudos in order), and I picked up some books that were on her “gift” list.

I found all seven of the Harry Potter series books in hardback, brand new, for only 21 pounds.  If you are keeping score at home, that is only about $30, or $4 per book.  I think my shopping skills are magic.

We both read the Harry Potter series as the books came out back home, but thought it would be fun to read and own the UK versions too.  Neither of us anticipate any of the books differing much by way of plot, but it is fun to read a story in a slightly different language.  Actually my memory of the stories is not good enough to be able to tell if some things are really different, but I’ll leave that up to family members to be able to discern once we finish the set (it might be a lottery to see who gets them first).  What do you think Mom?  Is the 5th book larger than the US version?

Believe it or not, I have definitely noticed parallels between these stories and our lives.  For example, Harry struggles to understand the strange sport of Quidditch, which is very similar to me understanding football (soccer) or cricket.  The currency, shops, housing, transportation and people here are slightly different to us, just like everything in the wizarding world is different to Harry.

I actually enjoy reading these books more now than I did before, probably because I am intimately familiar with the culture and geography of England, so the stories seem to make a little more sense.  Hopefully they will keep us entertained for the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “One of our favourites”

  1. Kim, I am embarrassed to admit that you underestimate my Harry Potter nerdy-ness..I visited platform 9 3/4 on my very first trip to England…and it was AWESOME!!! We have yet to go to Christ Church College, but it’s next on our list.

  2. P.S. that last comment was Chels (on Nick’s computer). Although he is a super nerd too. Just of the science kind.

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