What is this?

Taking an idea from one of my favorite gadget sites, Gizmodo, this new “What is this” category of posts will be trotted out from time to time.  My plan is to put up a picture that is somehow related to our lives here, and let you guess what it is.  Here is our first attempt:

I suppose if I would have zoomed in a little bit more you might think this was something straight out of the X-files.  And although it looks like a biohazard sticker, I assure you its not even close to a biohazard.

For a little more information, the top picture is when the item in question was empty.  The picture above is showing it full.  Any guesses?  This still looks a little bit like an alien life form to me.  And to complete the reverse chronology of pictures, here is what it looked like before I cut it in half:

Hopefully you can clearly see my hand to get an idea of the scale of the unidentified object.  So what is it again?  Some sort of spore?  Maybe.  What I have displayed for you in this series of “What is this?” pictures is a passion fruit.  I had no idea passion fruit looked like this.  In fact, the only time I can say that I’ve had passion fruit is as part of a juice blend.  The goodness is in the middle picture, where the little seeds are.  The seeds are very similar to the inside of a pomegranate, a little crunchy and a little juicy, and really strongly flavored of passion fruit.  It definitely puts the juices we buy that have been mixed with passion fruit into perspective – not a ton of juice in one of these things.

Have you ever eaten one of these before?  Did you recognize it?  If not, what did you think it was?

4 thoughts on “What is this?”

  1. Oh god, make it go away! The second shot definitely looks like an insect laid eggs into an old potato. That picture may have turned me off of eating passion fruit. However, the juice blends are very good.

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