PB or not PB?

That is today’s question, and Chelsea and I have certainly come up with a number of questions related to food here in Oxford.  Some other examples are: Why don’t they sell black beans anywhere?  Who puts tomatoes and corn into condensed basic chicken noodle soup?  How does an entire city sell out of aubergine simultaneously?  Can we get an order of those Indian nachos please?

Ok so we didn’t come up with that last one, but we have definitely noticed a difference in the food here.  Most items are not sold in large quantities, meaning I couldn’t purchase my government feed bag portion of rice or bucket of mayonnaise (yuck).  There are also many subtle differences in the ingredients of standard foods here.

Case in point #1:

The Brits can’t possibly screw up peanut butter right?  Well – that is a matter of opinion.  Included in one of our first shopping trips here were a loaf of bread, peanut butter, jelly, and marmalade for good measure.  I can’t bring myself to put Marmite on toast yet.  Even though I had it in my lunch everyday in third grade – almost to the point where I couldn’t eat it anymore – I still crave a good PB&J sandwich from time to time.

I was surprised to find out that the peanut butter we had purchased was different than we were used to.  And no, it wasn’t because this one was crunchy, it was  much sweeter.  The consistency is a little different, (granier maybe?) and just tastes like someone infused loads of sugar into it.  340 grams of peanut butter won’t get very far in the Brideau household, so we ran through this jar rather quickly.  On my next shopping trip, I decided to try and find an “American” version of peanut butter to make Cheslea happy.

This jar of Skippy definitely tastes more like the peanut butter we are used to in the USA, and you might even be able to see the difference in color.  But the strangest thing happened – I now prefer the English peanut butter to our American counterpart.  Maybe its because I have a super sweet tooth and like the sugary taste to the oily processed taste.  Or maybe it is because I was always a Jif man and never really liked Skippy.

Whatever the reason, the conclusion is unanimous: I love peanut butter.  Even when it can be considered candy.

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