Spring is in the air

The weather here in Oxford has definitely taken a turn for the better.  I have actually removed the inner liner of my jacket more than once, and even walked around without my winter hat.  This latter move was probably for the better – I seemed to be the only male wearing a winter hat, apparently people know I’m foreign just by seeing it.  Anyway, we think that spring has finally arrived.

Aside from our cat having spring fever and trying to escape from our flat every chance he gets, we noticed on Sunday that animals had picked up on the climate change.

In the garden behind our flat is this strange looking bush that is loaded with tiny little green flowers, and huge bumble bees.  Chelsea is particularly taken with these bees as they are bigger than the “B-52” bumble bees we get back in the States, and their coloring is different.  These things are so big, they really shouldn’t be able to fly.  Something about the ATP usage in their wings makes them able to beat their wings quick enough to achieve and sustain lift off.

I tried to put my finger up next to one of these things to give you an idea how big they really are, but it moved at the last second and went a bit out of frame.  Hopefully you can still imagine the bee upright and next to my finger, and see that its about 1/3 to 1/2  the length.  There were probably about 10 of these guys hovering around this particular plant all day long.

We have been told that the arrival of spring here in England is actually about a month late this year.  We still welcome the change to warmer weather, and the site of the bees.  Hopefully this long weekend coming up (bank holidays for Easter), we’ll get a chance to take some more spring-like pictures.

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