How about them Spartans?

To set the stage: MSU is up by as many as 15 at one point but are slowly losing their lead.  They are without their best clutch player and go-to-guy Kalin Lucas, and their sharpshooter Chris Allen, and one of their forwards just lost a tooth.  Its down to the final minute, and we have been exchanging shots with their team.  Here is a video recap of the end in case you missed it:

I have watched this video no less than 5 times today, and its just past 1pm.  Chelsea and I are so used to being let down by our Spartans, that we sort of were ready for the collapse at the end – especially missing 3 starters.  When that shot went in, I yelled out loud in joy like I haven’t done in years, and even managed to scare the crap out of the cat.  Thanks for bringing me right back in it State.

And Michigan State isn’t the only one of my former schools to win yesterday.  Cornell beat down Wisconsin too.

Cornell has managed to beat two higher ranked opponents, and have won for the first two times in the NCAA tournament.  An Ivy League school hasn’t done that in about as long as I have been alive.  Strangely enough – I’m not nearly as excited about it.  I suppose I have an attachment to Spartan basketball because I worked as an usher at the Breslin center, the stadium on MSU’s campus where they play.  I actually got paid to watch games for 3 years, and really got into it.  Its hard to explain, but I’ll never quite be as attached to Cornell as I am to Michigan State, even though I actually spent more time there.  Does anyone else have the same feelings?  Are you more attached to your undergraduate institution?

Here is to hoping my Spartans rest up and heal quickly.  We will need all we’ve got against UNI this Friday.

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