Kitty accessories

Any good pet owner will admit that their pet has its own set of accessories.  As well they should.  I never realized before how attached a person can become to a pet, and how much I was attached to our cat until we moved here without him.  His arrival a week later immediately brought a change in both Chelsea and my demeaner, and we are much happier now that our little family is together.

Gato being the princess that he is has plenty of his own accessories: wet food, dry food, multiple kinds of treats, a fancy carrier, and a handful of fake mice and other toys.  And the only reason he doesn’t have more toys or a nice plush bed is because he’s a bit simple minded and doesn’t like stuff we buy.  Instead he prefers a laser pointer, running around the apartment chasing nothing, and laying on sweatshirts.

Despite the list of toys above, Chels and I decided that it was time to get Gato some additional accessories.  Like almost all cats, he goes crazy over catnip.  We took an idea from Chelsea’s mom and stuffed a nylon sock with catnip, and I managed to capture it on video:

As you can see, Gato takes no time in identifying the catnip and snarfing all over the place.

If you thought that he is looking svelte in that video, you would be correct.  We have him on a strict diet, and its actually working.  Our diet is just calorie restriction coupled with regular feeding times, and he has taken to it pretty well.  Except that he wakes up almost every morning about an hour before our alarm goes off to let us know that he is starving.  To try and combat this issue Chelsea had the brilliant idea to purchase another cat accessory, but this one was right up my alley – a gadget.

She picked up an automatic food dispenser.  Our thoughts are that Gato will stop depending on us to feed him in the morning, and then hopefully stop harassing us when he gets hungry around 6am.  This is also no ordinary food dispenser.  It holds about 90 cups of food, can be programmed to dispense different amounts at specific times, and even includes a recordable audio cue.  He seems to be responding to it well, and hopefully he’ll stop bothering us in the morning.

I also managed to capture him checking out his new food container for the first time:

I give it a week before he manages to break in to the container.

2 thoughts on “Kitty accessories”

  1. Gato looks like a different cat! Very svelte and handsome. What’s not to like about his new food dispenser? It’s a gumball machine for cats! I know I’D like it. I’m curious what the recorded audio cue will be?….very Pavlovian.

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