Gato chases bears

Anyone that knows our cat Gato well can tell you that he doesn’t shy away from hunting larger animals, or at least trying to chase them out of his domain.  At the house in Ithaca he often chased deer, turkeys and any other animal out of the yard.  We were often worried that he would not actually survive a fight with the stronger animals, but he needed to prove that he was the master of his domain I guess.

This weekend Chelsea and I were watching an episode of Planet Earth to relax, and saw the funniest thing from our Gato, he tried to hunt bears:

We think he initially recognized the snow leopard, or one of the bigger cats, and then continued to watch as the animals changed.  Actually, it was really funny, because when one of the animals would go off the screen to the left, he kept looking for it in the doorway to the left of the screen.  He would also look around when he heard a bird call or something pipe through the surround sound.

We have watched many movies and TV shows before but this is the first time he has ever paid attention to what was playing.  He sat and watched the rest of the episode with us – it was really cute.  Hopefully he will watch  more with us in the future – at least we know we are safe from the bears.

2 thoughts on “Gato chases bears”

  1. That’s pretty funny. Did he run off to the other side of the wall or room to find the animals that went off the screen?

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