How about them Olympics?

Were you like many around the world captivated by the winter Olympics the previous two weeks?  Unfortunately for Chelsea and me, Vancouver is 8 hour behind us, so many of the events were past our bedtime.  Fortunately for us however, the schedule of events is scattered throughout the day – not just in primetime –  and we got to catch an event or two.

Another barrier to us watching Olympic coverage was the fact that we don’t have a TV signal here.  Additionally, because of some sort of international broadcast rule, we were barred from online coverage by NBC and CBC.  Although based on the Facebook and Twitter updates of many, this was a blessing in disguise.  I didn’t figure out until the last week that the BBC had really good live broadcasts of many of the events online.  I just looked up the URL and then plugged my laptop into our home cinema system, and we were all set.  Below, are two examples of the good coverage.

My favorite sport:

And my favorite player from my favorite sport, (and also Chelsea’s boyfriend).  Bonus points if you can guess who it is.

Overall, I was impressed with the hockey coverage.  The picture was clear enough for me to follow the puck, and the image and audio were rarely not in sync.  I find it pretty amazing that the BBC would be able to broadcast a game being played live on the other side of the world, to a quality that looks and sounds good when put on our 80 inch wall-screen.  However, much like the Super bowl, we were subjected to BBC commentators.  To categorize these folks as “good” would be a compliment.  I wish I could remember the phrases that got us to crack up, but my short term memory is flooded with X chromosome inactivation literature.

Hockey is basically the only sport that I get excited about with the winter Olympics.  However, this feeling is not the same with the summer games, which luckily for us will be an hour away in two years.

How does everyone else feel?  Did you watch the games?  What are your favorite events?  Do you understand curling?

2 thoughts on “How about them Olympics?”

  1. Bonus category:Move over, Chelsea, Claire likes Stevie Yzerman too! In fact, every female that watches hockey knows (and likes) that face!
    Did you get to see any of the new ski event called super cross? That is one crazy sport. They put in every dangerous aspect from all ski events and then make 4 people attempt to ski it at the same time without killing each other.

  2. yes I meant to mention about super cross. Its kind of like motocross mixed with skiing – pretty crazy. The Brits absolutely rave about it!

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