Where are Mulder and Scully?

One of the presents that both Chelsea and I got for Christmas this year was a season of the hit TV series “The X-files”.  I loved watching this show with my Mom as a kid, and introduced a skeptical Chels to it this past fall.  We have been watching episodes here in the evening on occasion, have managed to plow through the first two seasons and just started the third.

Aside from proclaiming victory in getting Chelsea to watch science-fiction, I bring this up because a major X-files moment happened yesterday.  The UK government released files containing a wide variety of UFO-related documents into the publicly available national archives.

To read about close encounters, craft sightings, strange illnesses, and government conspiracies click here to follow the link.  I probably won’t have the time to actually look at any of these – but I know Mulder would.

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