Our Flat (apartment)

Chelsea started working in her lab literally hours after we landed in Heathrow back in January, and hasn’t really had a break since.  On the other hand, I haven’t officially started my job yet.  I have access to the lab, and come and go as I want for lab meetings and to chat with folks, but I still need to iron out details of my project, and sign my contract so I can get paid.

In the meantime, I use my time to finish writing my thesis (yes still working on it) and work on a manuscript that we will hopefully be sending out soon.  I also get to play the role of part time stay at home husband.  This job involves running most of the errands we have to do during the week (we get to go together on weekends) and sometimes cooking, cleaning, and buying stuff online.  I’ll get to the latter part of my duties later this week.

I thought I would use a few minutes this morning to take you on a quick tour of our flat, so you can picture how we are living:

Chelsea was at work this morning, so I’ll make sure to include her in a video sometime soon so that everyone can hear and see her too.  Our flat is finally becoming more comfortable, but not without some getting used to and some money being spent.

6 thoughts on “Our Flat (apartment)”

  1. few things:
    1. that stove in the living room is really crazy. and a reference to cinderella is appropriate here!!
    2. did you say warshing machine.
    3. what happens when harry potter goes to narnia?


  2. “Bring us the duck.”

    Well done, Nick – I’m extremely excited to see a video making it on your website (and in your personal archives). Looks like you’ve settled in nicely.

    And the presence of a washing machine in the kitchen explains a lot for the flavor of English cooking. They must not use it when making spotted dick, otherwise they’d likely pre-treat the spots. Anyway, ah.

    And sister: nice use of adjectives.

  3. That is a great flat Nick! You could have done SO MUCH worse, believe me. Loving the period features.
    And David, English cooking rocks. Toad in the hole? A winner.

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