Down to 3 discs

One of the major challenges of our move to England is me figuring out what to do with all of our technology-related stuff.  I’m pretty sure we’ll ship our DVD player and projector, as well as some accompanying cables.  And I figured I’d pick up a surround sound system on the cheap off the Craigslist equivalent over there once we got settled a little bit.  But the question remained, what do we do with all of our optical media?

What do I mean by optical media?  CD’s, DVD’s, mp3 discs, etc.  Anything on a physical disc that takes up space.  Hopefully you can see in the picture above we have plenty of optical media.  We have stacks and books of music on CD and mp3 discs, as well as lots of movies on DVD or even DivX.  The entire pile together takes up quite a bit of space, and really ends up being heavy.  Too  heavy perhaps to ship in a giant box.  So what was my solution?  Rip them all to hard drives.

In addition to our previous external 1 terabyte hard drive, I picked up another for dirt cheap a day or so after Christmas by telling Best Buy the guys down the street had it cheaper.  They didn’t even care to check the price.  Anyway, now armed with 3.7 terabytes of storage capacity, I figured I could move all the digital content from the optical media onto our hard drives.  Above you can see that I employed four laptops simultaneously to do so.  The entire task took a few days of constant shuttling new discs into computers, but it went fairly smoothly.

So now instead of moving the large pile of discs with us, I can store the box at my parents, and take just our 3 external hard drives.  Believe it or not, this isn’t the best solution for us.  I eventually want to move to network attached storage (NAS) with a RAID array set up for the case of drive failure.  Maybe once we get settled and stop bleeding money so badly.

3 thoughts on “Down to 3 discs”

  1. Impressive effort. I’m not sure if this will be an issue, but have you checked the “Region-ality” of your DVD player? The UK and EU should be a different region for DVDs than the US. In this day-and-age it might not matter so much.

  2. Zane – oppo makes region free DVD players for under $150. Nick: consider uploading the music to offsite storage at which point you can permanently sell your optical media. The cost will be ~$100/year which might seem pricey, but then again it’s cheaper than a single location 4TB NAS with the additional crashed drive every 2 years. Just a thought. And as Zane said: impressive array of optical media.

  3. I am going to be selling my Dlink DNS-343 NAS soon with RAID 0/1/5 capabilities. Let me know if you are interested. I’m building my own media server and therefore have no need for it anymore.

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