Goodbye Ithaca

I suppose I’m a few days late on my website-related new years resolution, but I think most people will understand a lull here in the coming weeks.

The most recent big change in our lives is the move to Oxford, England.  Part of that change was saying goodbye to Ithaca, New York, the area we called home for 5.5 years.

I figured this pictures sums up Ithaca.  Cold, beautiful terrain, and not much around.  Also, I lost most of my pictures of Ithaca when my hard drive crashed a while back.  Chelsea and I left Ithaca just before Christmas, for what we thought was for good.  Thanks to our friends Marisa and Leo, and Sam and David, for hosting two grand going away parties, we got to see almost everyone before we left.

As with most things lab related, nothing ever works as planned.  I came back last week in order to finish some experiments and wrap up everything in the lab.

The image above represents the last 4 years of work in the lab.  All of my work can pretty much be boiled down to ~300 plasmids.  Well, at least this is the stuff worth keeping for future projects.  Paring down all the reagents and material you have spent years accumulating into three small boxes destined for the -80 freezer is a strange feeling.

Some of you might recognize this as my lab bench area, and you will immediately notice this is the cleanest it has been in years.  Here you can see the empty shelves that held the various bottles from years of productive experiments.

After a crazy week  (I was awake for 86 of 96 hours at one point), it became time for me to finally say goodbye.  So thank you to all of our friends, which we will undoubtedly miss the most.  We hope to run into you all sooner than later.

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