Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

I don’t really know what 2010 has in store for us, but hope that is brings as much joy as 2009 did.  Even though 2009 had many high-stress moments, I prefer to skip the bad and instead focus on the good stuff.  This past year was a really good year.

Unfortunately, I think I only managed to post something here twice in December, so my 2010 New Year Resolution is this:  I want to try and write more blog posts.

After a quick search, I discovered that I proposed the same resolution Last Year.  I guess this means that the end of the year is usually a very busy time for me.  I also noticed that last year was a pretty fruitful one here at njbrideau.com, I had 66 posts.  66 may not seem like very many topics to write about, especially considering that 2009 was a momentous year in my life, but I think it is appropriate in light of how busy I was.

Ok, so a revised version of my resolutions for this year:

1.  Try to post once per week on this blog.

I may migrate everything over to “chelseaandnick.com” to be more inclusive of our happenings, and hopefully to inspire Chelsea to write a few articles of her own!

2.  Get back in to shape.

The past two years has been rough on my physical fitness level.  I could blame it on my frisbee and workout buddies leaving town, but the truth is, those guys continued to go to the gym while I swung hammers on the house and found other excuses to become the mess that I am.  With no real excuses left except a really busy 2009, I hope to make working out a priority.  Well, we at least have to go through one run of P90X to give you a review.

That covers my two big, tangible goals for 2010.  What about you guys, how many people have resolutions?

One thought on “Happy New Year”

  1. Welcome back. Good luck getting your significantly better half to post with a mere change in website name…I tired this with ours and have negotiated one post a quarter (if that) from Sammy.

    And let us know how P90X goes – we’re planning on doing it for our NY Resolution as well.

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