You cook….I’ll clean

One of the many aspects of being in a good relationship is dividing up tasks, jobs, etc.  For example, we have a general rule that whoever cooks dinner, doesn’t have to clean up afterward.  Although this can come back to bite you if the cook gets a little overzealous and decides to use every dish/pot/utensil in the house, it has worked well for us.

We do not usually follow this rule exactly, as we often team cook meals.  Anything that needs to be grilled is my department, and Chels is definitely in charge of sauces and baking.  Which brings me to the main idea for my post:

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As I mentioned earlier, we normally either team cook, or split it evenly depending on the dish or who is in the mood.  Lately Chelsea has been spoiling me as  a result of my thesis writing crunch, and I certainly appreciate all the hard work.


Above is just one of the example of our favorite meals, macadamia crusted halibut (mmmmm).  Stay tuned for more cooking / food related posts hopefully sometime later this week, but for now, I should get back to that thesis……

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