We heart Windows 7

Wait -what?  Did I just say that Chelsea and I, two Apple enthusiasts, like a (gulp) Microsoft product?  Why yes, I certainly did.

I posted about a month ago about my new computer, and in that post promised to review Windows 7.  Well, this is not the post for that.  I will try to get to that eventually, though there are plenty of other reviews online if you are interested.

All you really need to know, is that I am very impressed with Windows 7, and would recommend it to anyone.  I realize it is still in the early stages, and we have yet to experience a major security flaw, but I am happy.  So happy actually, that I convinced Chelsea to give it a shot.


Above is a screen shot of Chelsea’s new computer.  Thanks to a solid endorsement from Ed, she recently purchased an Asus Eee 1008HA.  Hopefully I can encourage her to do a review of her new netbook, vs the old one she had (Dell Mini 10v).  Anyway, her new computer showed up, and I wasted no time and promptly disassembled the entire machine just to upgrade the RAM from 1GB to 2GB.  Not an easy task, but one I hope will be worthwhile.  To give you an idea what her new computer is like, here it is next to her old Apple iBook.


Her Eee is a tiny 10 inch, 1.1 kg super-portable laptop.  I won’t go into discussing the additional reasons for this purchase, but mention that the option of installing Windows 7 over Windows XP was appealing given my experience with the OS.  Luckily, Microsoft is actually offering a really good deal for switching to Win7.  Anyone with a .edu e-mail address qualifies for an “upgrade” edition of Microsoft’s new OS for $29.99! AND if you look in the right place on that site, you can find the “Professional” edition, which is better than the “Home Premium”.

Click here to get that deal.

One caveat of “upgrade” editions, is an upgrade is never as good as a “clean install”.  Well, thanks to the power of the internet, there is a fix for that too.  I was able to clean install Windows 7 onto her netbook from Windows XP using the student upgrade version.  First I created my own Windows 7 DVD from the .exe I downloaded from Microsoft.

Click here for instructions on how to do that.

The reason I decided to go through the hassle of that, was in case I need to install it again, I’ll have the disc.  Then I just ran the installer and chose custom install instead of upgrade.  It was that easy.  Everything installed in ~30 minutes, and I completed updating all the drivers in another 15.  That is amazingly fast if you have ever installed a previous version of Windows.


A quick install of the Office 2007 programs she’ll use, and here she is with that big smile I love.  I think she rather enjoys playing with her new toy.  I know I enjoyed setting it up for her.

5 thoughts on “We heart Windows 7”

  1. That’s a good deal, but not a great deal. You can get an upgrade OR full version of Windows 7 Professional (the mid-grade) for FREE here at Cornell. All you need to do is contact the IT people and they’ll burn you a copy (Cornell license with Microsoft for Windows 7 is A1).

    Glad to hear you’ve reconsidered your positions on both PCs as well as Macs.

  2. Of course Free is always a better deal than $30. I have been running said free copy of Win7 Pro from my IT buddy for over a month, but not everyone reading has that luxury.

    Have you switched David? Are you planning on it? I think there are features you don’t have in Vista, though I don’t know what they are off the top of my head.

  3. I have a new dedicated HDD that will be Windows 7 only – I can’t upgrade my C drive because I am running Vista Ultimate and Cornell doesn’t have a free upgrade disk. So I’ll have two operating systems on two drives, which allows me to compare the two. I’m eager to embrace Windows 7 as well.

    I don’t think there is anything significantly different between Windows 7 and Vista post SP2 – just cosmetic. However, Windows knew they needed to call it something different than Vista because nobody wants to buy the plagued OS.

  4. btw, if you’re still getting that stupid pop-up from Symantec Endpoint Protection… that the driver is incompatible. CIT finally put up the newest version, you have to uninstall Symantec and then install the newbie… no more stupid driver notice.

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