One is the loneliest number

Sorry my posts have been few and far between lately, I have been trying hard to focus my energy and writing skills toward a larger document.

Chelsea and I experienced something this weekend that may be a first for us.  We were the only patrons at a business establishment. And not just one business, at least three.  Perhaps this has happened to me before, and it was because it happened at three different places in the same weekend that it stuck out.

Because our time here in Ithaca is winding down, we have started making mental lists of things we would like to do before we go.  One of those lists is places to eat, and we decided to kill two birds with one stone and go out to lunch together on a Friday at one of the restaurants.  Anyone familiar with our schedule know we are generally late risers, and therefore lunch usually gets pushed back a few hours once we get going at work.  On Friday we went to Joe’s for a decent meal around 2-3 pm, too late for the lunch crowd, and too early for the happy hour crowd.  We had the entire place to ourselves.

empty restaurant

This isn’t actually Joes, but it gives you a visual of what we saw during our meal.  On the bright side, we could hear each other talk, and got good service and plenty of attention from our server.  On the downside, it was strange to not have any noise from other guests, and I couldn’t help feeling like “those people”.

It happened again last night toward the end of “store hours” at both KOHLS and TOPS.  We didn’t exactly fight the people to open the doors and let us in, we were there a good 30-45 min before closing time.  I guess people refrain from shopping on Sunday evening in Ithaca.

I have also been on the other end of the spectrum, but never in retail.  When I worked at a sports bar, things usually either picked up eventually, or it was way after closing time so we really wanted the people to leave.

Anyone have a similar experience here in Ithaca?

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