A face made for radio (well, maybe not)

Do any of you recognize this guy?


Well I definitely would not have recognized him if you asked me, and this guy’s career has had an effect on my life in the past 10 years.  I have even seen him in Detroit and New York.  Ok I’ll give you a little more context, here he is doing what he does best:

oakenfold2 copy

I have whited out his name above, but you get the idea.  He’s a big time DJ.  On the lower left is another clue, from his record label Perfecto Records.  This is Paul Oakenfold.  A man of many talents.

What do I mean?  Well he’s done a lot for music internationally for a long time.  He’s 46 now but at one time was the top DJ in the world.  He’s produced entire soundtracks to movies, started a record label, been resident DJ at Cream in England, singlehandedly started at least two different “series”, remixed popular artists such as Britney and Madonna, and probably a bunch of other cool stuff.

So why list a bunch of accomplishments for another person?  Well I have stumbled onto yet another podcast for consumption.  Oakenfold (or Oakie as he’s called during a show) is now putting out a weekly 60 minute mix.  I would classify the songs as hard trance but the music spans from vocal trance to progressive, to house.  I really enjoy listening to them.  Well except for one part – Paul Oakenfold.

Many of the DJ’s I listen to treat podcasts as a less formal way to showcase some new tracks, artists and maybe even insert bits of trivia here and there.  The point is – they talk.  Usually at the beginning of the set, sometimes in the middle, and again toward the end.  Most of the artists I listen to are European, so many have an accent on their English.  Paul Oakenfold is British, so he has an accent, but he also sounds like he may have had a stroke earlier that morning and just learned to speak again.  I’m not sure if its a combination of the crazy life a musician lives for 30 years, drugs, or what, but the guy sounds terrible.

And that was the point of my post.  I was strangely dissapointed when I first heard his voice.  I have purchased (yes actually purchased) many of his CD’s, paid to see him in concert, and enjoyed the music this guy stamps his name on for years, and never knew what he sounded like.  When I finally got to hearing him, I was taken aback, he’s clearly an intelligent and successful person. I guess it is not all that much different from hearing your favorite local radio host on the drive to work for 10 years and then running into them at some social function.  Not usually a pretty site.

OK – this situation isn’t exactly like that, but it isn’t really that much of a stretch is it?

How about it readers?  Do you know what I mean and have a similar story to share?

4 thoughts on “A face made for radio (well, maybe not)”

  1. I don’t usually get disappointed by the voice, but certainly surprised- so yes I understand. Great topic segue though (sorry to commandeer your post). Top 5 DJs of all time?

    1. ATB (Andre Tanneberger)
    2. Paul Van Dyk
    3. Oakenfold
    4. DJ Tiesto
    5. Alice DJ (she’s hot, corn level)

  2. Dude looks like he belongs on a GEICO commercial. There’s a reason the DJ booth is usually in a very dark corner and they are clothed head to toe even though it’s 90deg on the dance floor.

  3. Yeah I suppose disappointed is too strong of a word to use.

    My top 5 DJs:

    1. Tiesto
    2. Oakenfold
    3. Paul Van Dyk
    4. Armin Van Buuren
    5. Ferry Corsten / Sasha / ATB tie

    check out http://thedjlist.com/ for other names, though I may be more hardcore about it than you.

  4. Can’t argue with any of these choices… however I think John Digweed, Paul Johnson, and Johan Gielen deserve to be on the list as well. But I have to agree, it’s really Tiesto followed by everyone else. Oakenfold is sweet, but he’s become so mainstream (not really selling out) that I think he almost gets by on his name whereas Tiesto just kicks ass.

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