I have created a monster

Six months ago, if you would have bet me $100 that the picture below was taken in our kitchen AND that it was because of Chelsea, I would have taken your money and laughed all the way to the bank.


Yes, this is from Wegmans Mediterranean olive bar, and if you look closely, there are four types of olives in there (can you name them?  I can’t).  In my opinion, olives are a love/hate type food, and for the longest time, Chelsea and I both hated them.  I developed a taste for them after having black olives on pizza a few times.  After that I had to try every olive I managed to encounter.  But Chelsea?  No thanks.  I started buying olives in the can/jar and eating them with meals or as a snack, and I continually offered them to Chels, but again – no thanks.  After a few months of my insistence that she try them, Chelsea finally gave it.  “I don’t like them, they are too bitter”.  Well thanks for trying babe.

Fast forward a few months and put yourself in Wegmans next to the fabulous olive bar.  I decided to give it one last crack, and took 2-4 olives of almost every variety they had.  This was a win-win situation.  I got to try many different olives, and hopefully Chelsea would as well.  I would eat one, describe it, and then either recommend she try it, or skip it.  So she tried bunch.  In retrospect, I’m convinced she took it as a challenge.  I picked the sweet/salty oil cured ones figuring that was the easiest transition for her – she was not impressed.  But when I pick the very bitter flavorful ones she probably would not like at all – yes please.

We went grocery shopping today, and I filled up another container full of olives.  The inspiration from my post came when Chelsea scavenged through the bags in the trunk just to find the one with the olives.  And then she ate half of them in the car ride home.  I have indeed created a monster.

So readers, do you like olives?  What are your favorites?

7 thoughts on “I have created a monster”

  1. I can name two of the kinds in there. Castlevetrano and Kalamata!!! YUM. My two favorites:) Thanks for introducing me to the deliciousness of olives, my dear.

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you persuaded her! I hated olives until I tried them in Spain. There was a whole market stand with fresh olives, about 30 different types, so I tried them. Never looked back. I’m a lover of kalamata olives and the big green ones. I’m not a fan of those they flavour with garlic, or stuff with blue cheese or almonds. If I wanted to taste blue cheese or almonds, I’d be eating blue cheese or almonds, not olives!

  3. They should bottle you two up and sell the Brideau couple as a ‘pick me up.’

    Anyhow, as Kimmy alluded to, Spanish olives are all kinds of nice – definitely Sam and my favorite. Not bitter, and the flavor is superb. Problem is, you can’t get them anywhere in this country, so we have them imported for us and will pick up our next shipment on Sunday morning in NYC. I’ll let you guys try some.

    Consider them stuffed with anchovies too. I know – anchovies – and I probably wouldn’t have tried them if I’d read the label first, but they indeed are both Sam and my #1. Stuffed with sundried tomatoes are great too.

    Reading this post made me laugh out loud over my request for olive tapenade.

  4. Looks like you have Manzanilla, Kalamata, Picholine,and Nyons or Gaete Olives.

    My favorite types would be Nicoise Olives (which works great on bread with onion jam and anchovies) and Empeltre Olives (which are a Spanish olive that is soak in sherry)… And of course for any olive spread on a sandwich I suggest using the Kalamata Olive.

  5. @Kim (and Zane) – I think olive bars are the way to go to get an olive hater to like olives! There’s always the chance you’ll like “the next kind” so you keep on trying and get past the initial bitter flavor.

    @David – You could call it “Eau de Brideau”. And I would love to try some of those precious Spanish olives. It would be an honor.

    @Phil – There were definitely Castelvetrano olives in there too!! They are the bright green round ones on top. They are AMAZING. And, wow you can certainly identify olives like nobody else I have ever met.

    @Zane – I hear you and sympathaize. But I have moved to the dark side and am not looking back;)


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