X-treme workout time

I have a few posts in the queue from our last couple weekends but I’m a little behind on processing pictures.  I also got a new computer this past week so the transition is something I’m still trying to get used to (plenty to come on that too).

This post is just a quick one dedicated to our new workout routine.  Chelsea and I have decided to try and tighten up a little bit with the P90X routine.


Both of us have friends who have tried this routine and have only heard positive things about it.  It has been a long time since I’ve been to the gym so this was a much needed move.  Apparently this program is designed for everyone, but especially beneficial to those that are already in decent shape.  Since we arbitrarily put ourselves in to the latter category, why not go for it.

We have the DVDs (actually .avi) and got our new resistance bands in the mail the other day.  We chose resistance bands because it will likely be easier to ship those than dead weight.  Now all we needed to do was the pre-workout phase.  This was basically us taking “before” pictures, measuring waist, biceps etc, and performing a number of exercises to exhaustion to see how many reps we could do.

Chelsea may only be a petite woman, but pound for pound she is quite possibly the strongest, most athletic person I’ve ever met.  Our “Fit Test” results were quite similar.  Except when you remember that she weighs 50 pounds less than I do but can still lift the same amount.  She actually outdid me on every event except the vertical leap.  I’m excited to start our new workouts.  If you see us walking around the labs wincing in pain, you’ll know the X in P90X really does stand for eXtreme!  Hopefully we stick with it.

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