Backup your data

Everyone has that one friend/family member who is super paranoid that copies important documents in triplicate, and also has 4 places where they keep them – you know just in case the other 3 go missing.

Well I am here to humbly tell you, it is worth doing to all your digital data as well.  As part of getting a new computer, I was in the process of backing up data on my old laptop to then move to my new laptop.  Long story short – my hard drive crashed.  AND since it has been too long since I backed up my stuff, I likely lost too many important documents, photos, songs, etc.  I’m not sure what will happen, but bearing the possibility that I could lose everything on there is enough of a feeling to make me sick to my stomach.

Please, please, backup your data regularly.  You might not think its worth the price or hassle, but if I only had one thing to stress to you this year its this idea.  You really don’t want to be in the position I’m in, and I can assure you – nobody wants the empty feeling that I have at the possibility of losing all those memories.

External hard drives and/or online storage is well worth the price.  I’d gladly pay that right now 5x over to know my stuff is safe.

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