Our National pastime

This post is the first of a few that will document our mini-vacation in the Cape leading up to our wedding.  Because Chelsea and I needed to be in the cape at least 3 days ahead of time to apply for the marriage license, and most houses that are for rent by owner rent by the week, we went up a week early.

Thanks to some quick research from one of my groomsman Dave, we soon learned that our hometown baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, would be in Boston to play the Red Sox.  What a perfect opportunity!  This event killed about 8 birds with one stone.  Chels and I had never been to a baseball game together, and it had been years since either of us had seen the Tigers.  Plus she pretends to be a Sox fan, (mostly because I grew up liking the Yankees) and to her the game was a “win-win”.  Oh and we got to spend the day before the game in Boston, another on the list of things to do.

Our first stop was to meet up with Chelsea’s friends from back home, they had come in earlier that day and had already started the party.  Above is a picture of me and the used car salesman bridesman Milan, in all of his mustacheod glory and our Tigers gear.  We got some nasty looks going through the city with those clothes on.

As we had been warned about the lines at the entrance gates, we got to the stadium plenty early.  So early in fact, that we had some time to kill, so we popped into the famous Cask and Flagon right across the street for some food and drink.  You can see above that its the “#2 baseball bar in America” – though I’m not really sure why.  The food and drinks were good, decently priced for a place with a reputation and history, but I’m not really sure why it was voted that high.

After not waiting in line to get in to the stadium we made our way to our seats.  We were on the first base path, about 25 rows up, just past the Red Sox dugout.  We had a really cool view of the “Green Monster” right across the way.  You might not be able to see the seats on top of it, but those go for a pretty penny – about 2 grand each.  Thanks but I’ll keep my seats for an order of magnitude less.

This is just a close up of the scoreboard that I happen to like.  One of the cool aspects in being in the oldest baseball stadium in the country, is that the scoreboard is still old school.  There is a guy that comes out and changes the numbers between innings with a ladder.

Above is a picture of the first pitch of the game, being thrown to my favorite Tiger, Curtis Granderson.  I got a lot of flak from some turkey sitting behind me for wearing a Granderson t-shirt.  And that is for the lowly Tigers – I can’t imagine what its like for a Yanks fan.

Another action shot that I think captures the scene well.  You can see players from both teams, the ump, and the Tigers dugout.  What I’m amazed at in this shot, is the pitchers right arm.  You might not even be able to see it he was moving so fast.  That is probably one of the things that amazed us the most about going to the game, the speed of the pitches.  The distance from the pitchers mound to home plate isn’t nearly as far as it looks on TV, and just watching those guys whip the ball in there at 90+ mph is something to see.  Its crazy to think that the batters have a split second to decide if they are going to swing at the ball or not, and then when they do swing, they have the hand-eye coordination to actually hit the ball.

Our overall impressions of this game were great.  Our team lost, but put up a good effort, and we got to see an exciting game.  The fans there were really friendly actually, well except for that one guy.  And even though our team lost, it was really cool to say that we saw a homerun go over the Monster.  I’m glad we got to catch a game of two of our favorite teams, in a historic ballpark.  Definitely a good start to a great week.

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