Thank You!

Thsi past weekend, Chelsea made an honest man out of me, and she and I were married.  We had the ceremony and reception in Falmouth, MA and for more information check out our siister site here:

Picture 5

We went up a week early, and I’ll post some of our fun activities in the next few days, but first I wanted to make sure to say thanks.  The first people we would like to thank are our families.  We have received so much support in many aspects from our families, this event would not have been possible without them.  We also have to thank all our venders, everyone we hired was very polite and professional and made the event go smoothly.  And of course, we have to thank all of our guests 98% of which traveled to Falmouth to celebrate with us.  We are so happy that so many people made it, and even though we likely did not get a chance to talk to everyone at length, be assured that we appreciated your presence.

Picture 6

More updates to come, especialy once the photographer finishes his business.  He thankfully put up some previews online, including this short flash video:

Picture 7

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