Another wireless solution

Although this one is only software, and not nearly as involved as our last wireless solution was.  But this solution also pertains to an Apple product: Airport Express.  Apparently I never got around to posting about my Airport Express, but you can read about it over at Apple if you want.  Basically it is a device designed to extend your wireless range, and/or connect devices through your wireless network.


As you may be able to see above, you can plug in an ethernet cable, use the USB for wireless printing, or do what I do and play music through your existing wireless network.  I just plug a mini-to-RCA plug into the  back of my receiver.  I really like this little thing, as it allows me to play music from my laptop, or from our desktop through my stereo.  The only downfall I have, is that like all Apple products, it is locked into their software.  That means I can only use iTunes to play music.  Not anymore.

Picture 2

Enter our newest solution, Airfoil.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a problem listening to music all the time.  As I posted not too long ago, I have recently become enamored with Pandora.  This allows me to skip the local commercials on radio (Tom Anelli the DWI guy), and not get sick of my music library.  Although I have well over 10,000 songs, Chelsea doesn’t like most of them, and I can only handle listening to a full Brooks and Dunn album once every six months.  My problem was, I couldn’t listen to Pandora streams through our home stereo.  A quick Google search later, I had found the solution – Airfoil.  Check it out over at the developers site, or if you aren’t super interested in the price tag ask me about mine.  I can’t wait to listen to music when I get home now.

3 thoughts on “Another wireless solution”

  1. I would like it to go on record that I don’t think I have EVER listened to an entire Brooks and Dunn album. Two songs, Nick! Two songs! YOU CANNOT STOP THE MUSTACHES!

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