Thank you internet

There are an infinite number of reasons the internet is awesome – most of which are the topics worth discussing after a few beers with the guys – but Chelsea and I discovered a wonderful reason today: music sampling.  We spent the better part of an afternoon trying to finalize some wedding planning, particularly planning the music.  There are more occasions in a wedding that require their own music than you would originally think.  Ceremony, procession, introductions, first dances, etc etc etc.  All of which we got to decide.  It helped that we already had an idea of what we wanted, but what also helped are the following:


youtube-logoWe read though and compiled many lists, then took to the internet for a listen to make up our minds.  YouTube was usually the first destination because many songs are full length, but the short samples on Amazon and iTunes worked quite well if nothing good turned up on YouTube.  Thankfully, we got most of our songs picked out.  Now we just need to make a list of “do not play” songs.  That could be much larger than the “favorites” playlist we put together.

Even if you aren’t planning an event, I would recommend on a rainy or lazy weekend afternoon that you grab a friend or significant other and take an hour or two and play some music you haven’t listened to in a long time, or explore some new songs.  You can laugh together, rehash stories that songs remind you of, or compare how much “funky cold medina” really does sound like “wild thing”.  You will be surprised how much fun it can be, and glad I suggested it.

2 thoughts on “Thank you internet”

  1. “funky cold medina” and “wild thing” are the SAME song with different words. Try it out for yourself. I am CONVINCED of this!

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