Oxford visit: history

I’ve just spent the last week in Oxford England on a search for postdoctoral positions.  I had a busy week, took a day to acclimate to the time change and then 4 interviews in 4 days.  In my travels I managed to stop and take a picture now and again to appreciate where I was.  I’ll have a couple posts here documenting my observations, right now I’m writing from the bus between Oxford and the airport.

One of the first things I noticed is the history of the place.  I really appreciated the fact that some of those buildings and streets have been there a VERY long time.  For example check out this tower:

Which according to the sign, is the oldest building in Oxford – over 1000 years old!  That is four times as old as our COUNTRY.  Pretty cool, although I didn’t get the chance to walk up to the top and check out the view.

Here is picture outside the “oldest pub in Oxford” the Turf Tavern.  You probably can’t read the words on the sign, but it wasn’t always called the Turf.  I had a nice pint of cellar temp ale and fish and chips with mushy peas.  Not a bad introduction to pub food.

Blackwell is a bookstore that has been here since 1879.  It now spans 5 floors and has what they proclaim as the largest room dedicated to the sale of books in Europe.  Too bad I didn’t get to enter the rare books area, I bet they have some good ones.

Another pub that I managed to have some food and a beer in (and yes, British food again, I went with the steak and ale pie this time).  According to my pocket guide of Oxford, this is the most famous and one of the oldest pubs.  It was the home of a group of writers called “the inklings” that included C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.  Pretty neat to think about the history of the ideas in this place.

More to come later when a I get more time and a more reliable internet connection.

5 thoughts on “Oxford visit: history”

  1. The bird and baby pub!!! I love that place, great atmosphere. They serve a mean glass of mulled wine. What did you think of the Turf’s fish and chips? And most importantly, the mushy peas? My FAVE food ever!!! I hope the interviews went well, we missed you!

  2. Ed, Firstly, If you are the Buffalo St- ED- you have a very nice girlfriend. Second and to the POINT. Mushy peas taste just fine after a pint of Bitter, followed by a pint of lager& lime followed by a pint of ale and then a pint of Stout. Take it from someone who knows the intricacies of Kings Arms, Broad St and the Turf Tavern.
    Da (Nick can explain)

  3. haha. I’m pretty sure that after a pint of Bitter, a pint of lager, pint of ale, and then a pint of Stout… mushy peas would be pretty good. “Da”, I’ll take your advice on that and try said peas after I polish off 4 pints sometime.
    (and yes, I’ll tell Elena you said so… and I also think she’ll favor adding a few more pints to your list)

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