The ultimate before and after gallery

Alright folks, here it is.

Click on this link to see our before/after gallery.

There is only one more room to do, and of course its in progress.  Please take about 5-10 minutes of you time to check out the gallery.  It opens in a new window, and should be pretty obvious how to get from one picture to the next.

Admittedly, we look back and admire all the hard work, sweat and lack of sleep that went into this place.  Of course it could not have been done without help.  All of our friends contributed in one way or another, whether helping to hold drywall, generously letting us borrow tools for months on end, or just buying a beer and asking how things were going.  THANK YOU to everyone.  I have not been a part of all the work, click on the “This Old House” category to the right to see where I joined in, but Chelsea was definitely part of it all, and has been the brains behind the entire transformation.

I find it hard to pick which transformation is my favorite.  Probably the kitchen and then the yellow room.  Chelsea’s votes are for the curb appeal shot of the house (picture 1) the kitchen, and the main bathroom.  What are yours?  Please leave in the comments your favorite change or new room.

2 thoughts on “The ultimate before and after gallery”

  1. Looks absolutely amazing! My faves are the lounge and the floors upstairs, which I haven’t seen in person yet- I’ll have to pop over! It is stunning you guys…..well done and now you have to sell it! 😦

  2. Stunning difference – great idea of the before and after photos. They’re almost as unbelievable as one of those Slim Fast commercials where some Orca-fat woman comes out and claims she lost 260 pounds by drinking a shake fore breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a sensible dinner.

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