TOH: Landscaping projects II (flowers)

I mentioned a few posts ago that we had yet another landscaping project, and well that was a bit of a lie, we had a number of additional ideas to finish up on.  I won’t bore you with pictures of the fantastic three new woodpiles from the 20+ branches we cut down, or the demo, rebuilding and painting of the carport Chelsea managed to do singlehandedly.  Nope, the subjects of this post will be flowers.

Shown below are the two sides of the sidewalk that splits the front yard running toward the house.  Similar to the driveway, there was little delineation between the “flower beds” and the rest of the yard, as Chelsea had terrible luck getting anything to grow in there and it sort of filled in with grass and various weeds.  And I wish I had a picture of it, but there used to be these huge ugly tree/bushes that created quite the privacy screen.  If you look closely you can see stumps where they used to be.

My goal the past few weekends was to miraculously get those bushes to re-grow.  No such luck.  So instead, I used my brand new axe and trusty shovel to dig, chop and completely remove those stumps.  I said weekends for a reason: stump removal is really a job for heavy machinery and not science graduate students.  Those things probably took a year off my life.  Anyway, we replaced the stumps with pretty flowering rhodadendrons and filled the area in with more of that free mulch.  The results are better than we had hoped.

While I was busy screaming at the remnants of those bushes Chelsea had her own flower project: planters for the end of the driveway.  She designed, built and painted four nice sized planters to mark the entrances to the driveway.   AND the bonus part is they are functional.  Two of them have the address to the house, three have holes cut in the top big enough to hold cheap hanging planters, and the fourth doubles as a mailbox stand.

We have a lot more house-related updates to post on, but lab work, thesis writing and….well work on the house get in the way sometimes.  I’ll try to update soon.

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