Check out my gravel pit….

A few posts ago we detailed our efforts to make the driveway look like a driveway by outlining the area with landscaping timbers.  We also struggled with what to fill the area in with.  I made a few calls and we decided on crushed limestone.  There were plenty of places in town that would deliver what they all basically call “crusher run”, but we decided on Newfield gravel / Angelo Sand and Gravel.  Here is their delivery guy dumping the pile of rocks EXACTLY where I asked him to.  Seriously – that was some precise work.

We had hoped he would be able to drive along the length of the drive with the gate open partially spreading the rocks, but we have 4 big maple trees preventing that.  Unfortunately that means one huge pile of gravel left for us to distribute.

I played “King of the Mountain” with Chelsea and Gato, and as you can see above she was the winner.  Hopefully you can also see how large a pile of 21 tons of gravel is.  Lots of work for our new little wheelbarrow this week.  And what about the title of the post?  Well that was a song by the Wu-Tang clan about 8 years ago, and everytime I think anything gravel it pops into my head.

4 thoughts on “Check out my gravel pit….”

  1. 21 tons of gravel… and a wheelbarrow… you better load up on protein pancakes and carbs before you start that workout. Pretty sure Walker has a protein-mancake recipe for you.

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