kicking off wedding season 2009

I was always told of this mythical time in everyone’s lives where there is a flurry of people getting married – and it just dawned on me that we are right in the middle of it.  Not immune to the wedding bug ourselves, Chelsea and I also have a number of friends getting married this year, and will no doubt have more next year.  This year of celebration started off for me last weekend when my college friend Nate tied the knot with his fiance Lindsey.

Nate was kind enough to ask me to be a part of his wedding, so I went back in to town a few days early for the bachelor party.  No pictures from that worth presenting, but you get the idea, we saw the finest Flint Michigan has to offer, all while being carted around in a stretch Escalade.  We had a good time.

We were also fortunate that the ceremony and reception were at a country club, so there was a golf course on the premises.  Never one to say no to a game of golf, I joined the other groomsman for a quick round of 9 holes the morning of the wedding.  Nothing like a fun day of golf to get your mind off the stress of the big event.  Above is the groom Nate, his Mom, and nephew Ryan who managed to eat all of our post-golf snacks and not get a crumb on his tuxedo.

And here is the pre-ceremony toast to the groom in the locker room.  Some of these guys I have known for a few years, and some of them I just met this weekend, but I can say that Nate has a solid group of friends, and we all made sure he had a good weekend.

The ceremony was short and sweet, then we were treated to a fantastic dinner (the food was really good) and one heck of a party after.  Pictured is Nate and me toward the end of the night.  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to snap any non-blurry pictures of the bride and groom together (I’m sure the photographer planned that) but I can speak for everyone in attendance that we all enjoyed ourselves and wish all the best to Nate and Lindsey Bohm.

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