Stereotypes perpetuated

As a quick break from the landscaping activities (we are almost ready to post) I wanted to highlight an exchange that occurred in a parking lot yesterday afternoon between two grown men:

guy walking toward store: I did not threaten you, YOU threatened me!

guy in pickup truck: you threatened my old lady with a sledgehammer!

guy walking toward pickup now: NO, I did not threaten your old lady with a sledgehammer, you threatened me!

guy jumping out of pickup toward other guy: You threatened my old lady, and I’ll kick your ass!

The two guys then get toe-to-toe and yell more until they finally decide not to do anything.  The one goes back into the store, and the other returns to his pickup truck.  To meet his wife and two little girls.  Wow.

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The answer will be revealed in a week or so once people have cast their votes.  All I can say is it was one of those surreal moments in life, and we couldn’t do anything but watch.

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