cold storage

Although I’m sure I’ve said this at least 3 times now, but I’ll go ahead and say it again.  In one of our final steps in getting the house ready, we have done one of the last two major changes in the kitchen.  Today our new refrigerator arrived.  I know not very exciting to most of you, but I can tell you, a new appliance makes a world of difference, especially one that you use as often as a fridge.  One of the reasons for upgrading was that all the other appliances in the new kitchen are brand new, and the other is that the old fridge was pretty nasty, and had clearly seen better days.

We picked one out at Lowe’s, and talked the guy into free delivery and haul away of our old one and then just waited for the truck to show up.  Aside from the delivery guys calling to say they would be 2 hours ahead of the promised schedule (we do have to work and all), they showed up 15 minutes early and made quick work of the job.

We now have a brand spanking new fridge, and actually don’t have enough stuff to fill it with (yet).  They say that the kitchen is one of the make-or-break rooms of the house when selling, so this was a small price to pay for what will hopefully be a big deal.

3 thoughts on “cold storage”

  1. I see you neglected to show the freezer which I imagine is still packed to the gills with ice cream. When I looked at the house I live in now and saw all new appliances, it was a huge bonus. Looks great.

  2. haha! nice comment zane:) you will be happy to know that nick and i have EATEN all of the ice cream…well almost all of it. always have to have some on hand, you know. that reduced the freezer content by quite a bit. the main items in the freezer now are jenn’s frozen meats (some are pretty old, but we kept them just in case she wanted them:) and our large bags (yes, bagS) of shredded cheese. YUM!

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