Real Grilling

Chelsea has a knack for buying me “manly” gifts, and one of her most recent was a book titled “Real Grilling” by the good people over at Weber.  Weber of course, being famous for their top of the line grills.  Anyway here is what it looks like (click on the picture for the listing):

If you enjoy grilling, but don’t really know much about it, this book is the best $9 you will spend in a while.  I used to grill often, but thanks to the short articles in the front of this book I now know much more about how to grill different foods correctly.  You can grill every course from a 5 course meal if you wanted to.  We especially like the recipes included in the book, and actually haven’t missed on any of the ones we’ve tried.  As an example, we grilled pizza last night:

We also recommend the grilled bananas for desert.

One thought on “Real Grilling”

  1. I’ve sold at least two people on that book. Fantastic advice- best one I’ve got on grilling hands down. I’m coming over for that pizza.

    Solid pick Chelsea!

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